A new VET system to increase the employability in Georgia

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There is a severe skills imbalance between the vocational education system and its labour market needs in Georgia. To address this problem, the government is working with its development partners to prioritize reforms and modernization of VET education.

Strengthening Teacher Quality in Vocational Education and Training is an innovative and tailor-made project supported by the Good Governance Fund run by the British Embassy in Georgia, which will support industry-led skills for VET graduates and strengthen professional development quality for VET teachers.

The project is based on three pillars:

  1. Presentation of a comprehensive teacher management and development system
  2. Strengthen the training offer for the capacity development of VET teachers and principals
  3. Promote data-driven decision making

The project also provides incentives to attract and retain professionals from the private sector and industries in the role of professors.

By partnering with industries and businesses interested in project implementation, Georgia’s VET system now streamlines professional development and talent acquisition procedures. This is done by introducing teachers who will provide theoretical and practical instruction, integrate and share modern skills and practices with students, and apply relevant industry experience and practical skills in the workplace.

Another milestone of the model is introducing new positions for professional and by-invitation teachers who are already in the system and aspire to advance their careers. As a result, a comprehensive talent acquisition system and people management model will facilitate the advancement of programs while strengthening continuing professional development and mentoring practices.

The project is being implemented in close cooperation with the Georgia Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports.

Source: https://www.worldbank.org/en/country/georgia/brief/agile-vet-education-for-increased-employability-in-georgia


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