The philosophy of Project

The NEW METRO project is aimed at defining and supporting the development of skilled resources for advanced manufacturing processes as well as the entire Industry 4.0 effort in place across Europe, with a focus on training needs and emerging skills.

Based on the project partners’ best practices and analyzing additional excellence benchmarks, NEW METRO will support an optimum increase of employability in the sector by:

  • Overcoming the skill/education mismatch and improving the employability in Mechatronics in the I4.0 scenarios, outlining an innovative competence framework valid at European level. The new training paths will focus on the skills related to Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) and I4.0 technologies

  • Increasing awareness among key stakeholders about the social and organizational changes necessary to cope with new production methods.

  • Involving regulatory bodies and stakeholders at regional and European level in developing integrated policies to support the I4.0 initiative.

  • Strengthening European young students attitude towards high level VET courses, improving at the same time the online learning offering (VOOC), work-based learning methodologies (WBL) and ensuring a skill qualification system approved at European level.

Intellectual Outputs


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Successful landing on Mars for NASA’s Perseverance rover

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