NEW METRO project aim to involve not just VET providers and industry partners, but also business associations, workers associations, regulatory bodies in the Stakeholders Community, since the very  start, in order to share a view about challenges, opportunities, responsibilities in the Industry 4.0 environment and cooperate in the design of an European occupational profile, referenced to ESCO Occupation pillar and related to Industry 4.0 KETs in the mechatronics. 

1. Educational and training level, where VET provider partners will work with companies in the design of the curriculum model and in the piloting phase

2. Inter-organizational level, where business associations and social partners will cooperate in the effort of dissemination of project result, in order to promote awareness of the challenges and the opportunities facing companies and workers in the Industry 4.0 era.

3. Policymaking level, where regulatory bodies will use project results and outcomes to work on the innovation of VET curricula, both on the technical and on the methodological side.

A list of the NEW METRO main stakeholders involved still now will be available. 
As the ongoing stakeholder engagement process, the list is undergoing further additions.