The NEW METRO curriculum
European multi competences framework related to KETs and European assessment approach and tools

The work package aims to define a framework of competences to innovate the profile of technicians in the mechatronic sector which can be recognized and used at the European level and is clearly linked to the NQF, EQF and the ECVET.

To implement this WP, with partner collaboration, it has been carry out these tasks:

3.1 Compiling existing curricula: Comparison of existing curricula for the mechatronic sector at the national and regional level.

3.2 Work process analysis: analysis the work process of the technician in the mechatronic sector in terms of functions, tasks, duties, levels of performance (i.e. the professional standards)

3.3 Identify required competences: identify and map the mechatronic technician’s knowledge, skills, abilities, competences (including transversal ones) necessary to carry out the job tasks.

3.4 Definition of the European Framework of competences: The Partners will agree on the final formulation and definition of the European framework of competences

3.5 Analysis of the respective national or regional qualifications:

3.6 Providing tools for the identification, validation and certification of knowledge, skills and competences which have been acquired by young people or adult workers.

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