A translator protective mask

What do you think when hearing about protective masks? Are you thinking that it keeps you safe? Maybe you feel a bit of reserved to live normally… Or they make you choke under the hot summer sun… However, in any case we should comply with the experts’ instructions! Undoubtedly, no one can claim that they provide you with comfort or it’s a humanlike habit…

It’s time to think about them in a different way!

COVID-19 pandemic brought in our lives the use of protective masks. No one was used to wear it in a daily basis, nor they were made for this purpose. The latter explains in a great extent the discomfort that their use bring. Nevertheless, right after the pandemic outburst many companies and researchers are focusing in making them more comfortable or taking advantage of its use in order to make people perceive them as a useful gadget!

A Japanese startup company (Donut Robotics) moved to this direction. More specifically, it has developed a smart mask that via the smartphone’s Bluetooth connection, it instantly translates words spoken in 9 different languages. Mask’s name is C-FACE and is designed and developed to not only protect our health against coronavirus, but it also facilitates communication by simultaneously translating the words spoken by the wearer. In this way, C-Face allows you to make calls, amplify your voice, transcribe the words spoken and translate them into nine different languages: Japanese, Chinese, English, French, Indonesian, Korean, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese.

Bringing together entrepreneurship and innovation is a matter of thinking out of the box, after all!

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