An invention for the less privileged people

mechatronics, industry 4.0

A wind turbine that produces both electricity and drinking water is an invention that could ameliorate the daily life of less privileged communities.

Although the goods of electricity and drinking water are taken for granted in the western world, this is not the case for billions of people around the world who continue to lack access to pure drinking water, sanitation, and electricity.  

Many people in India are facing such problems. An indigenous young inventor named Madhu Vajrakarur has come up with a simple but innovative solution. He has developed a wind turbine that produces electricity and clean drinking water from the moisture in the air. The two-in-one wind turbine produces an average of 30KW power and 80-100 litres of water per day. This means it can meet the electricity demands of about 25 households.

The 15-foot-tall wind turbine gathers moisture from the atmosphere. This is directed through a copper pipe, like the ones used in refrigerators, and finally reaches a three-stage filter. To elaborate, there is a vent in the centre of the fan attached to the wind turbine, through which air is taken in. The air is then cooled with the help of the cooling compressor. In this way, the water vapor present in the moist air is converted into water, which is sent through copper pipes down to storage tanks for filtration and purification.

The technology could be especially useful in coastal areas or for small businesses.

For one more time, the motto “necessity is the mother of invention” is validated…



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