Being digitally competent is a task for the 21st century employees

Digital competence has become crucial for employability and a key challenge for employees and job-seekers, who may not have experience or confidence with their digital skills yet the nature of their jobs, the sectors they work in and their lives are increasingly influenced by digitalization.

The DigComp framework can help with self-evaluation, setting learning goals, identifying training opportunities and facilitating job search and at the same time can be used to plan and design education and training offers. The “digital skills” indicator is one part of the many indicators to measure Human Capital which is needed to take advantage of the possibilities offered by a digital society.

Developing digital competence for employability: Engaging and supporting stakeholders with the use of DigComp is the title of new recently published European Commission Joint Research Centre/Ikanos workshop report on DigComp for employability. This report aims to provide some light to the question of which policy options could, in a practical and effective way, encourage and support labour market intermediaries in their digital skilling actions, with the use of DigComp.

Read more and download the report clicking here

Visit the DigComp section  clicking here or take a look of the DigComp User Guide clicking here

Also, the infographic “Learning to Swim in the Digital Ocean” presents these competences in an

informative and understandable way. Read it clicking here.

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