Bosch offers Industry 4.0 educational programs

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Bosch invests in human capital and develops education campaigns for Industry 4.0 to train anyone interested in cutting-edge technologies, including associates and interested parties from other companies. Rolf Najork, a member of the Bosch board of management responsible for industrial technology, states that “because Industry 4.0 strengthens the competitiveness of manufacturing sites, it helps safeguard jobs”. For more than 5 years, Bosch has invested more than 1 billion euros in qualifying and further training its associates. The company is now introducing newly designed Industry 4.0 roles across its plants.

As the concept of integrated Industry 4.0 is becoming a reality as it gains ground year by year, the training of the workforce to comply with the requirements of the new era is inevitable. “Bosch is a pioneer in Industry 4.0. By sharing our knowledge and experience, we help companies successfully implement this modern form of production,” Najork says. 

Apart from the training programs, Bosch is developing full-scale training equipment that covers robot programming, augmented reality, app technology, RFID, and manufacturing execution systems that will be provided at vocational schools and universities disposal, despite the company’s training centers.

Bosch offers around 360 different courses on digitalization and on Industry 4.0. The company aims to establish a permanent Industry 4.0 team consisting of a coordinator plus IT specialists for infrastructure, hardware, and processes, which will be reinforced by data analysts and data scientists. Their task of processing the production results and identifying problems early on with the help of machine learning is pivotal for the overall smooth operation.

“We offer the appropriate courses for each new role. After all, you have to understand the connected world before you can shape it,” says Filiz Albrecht, Bosch board of management member and director of industrial relations at Robert Bosch GmbH.


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