Conference as a “one-day MOOC”

In the 2020 everything is different. This year on the 23rd of September 2020 the traditional FH JOANNEUM eLearning Day, which has been for 18 years enabling the online community to meet face-to-face once a year locally, will be for the first time held online as a “one-day MOOC”.

The organizers of this year’s event entitled “Innovation & Reflection” Jutta Pauschenwein from ZML-Innovative Learning Scenarios and the organizer Elmar Krainz, degree course “Mobile Software Development” faced the challenge how to transfer the diverse program into  a cool online event. Although the originally planned program cannot be transferred one to one into the online space, the different formats, such as poster presentations, workshops, lectures, etc. will still find their place in this “one-day MOOC” format. All the recent experience of online learning especially intensified due to the last six months of online teaching will be incorporated into the new format of this eLearning Day.

The theme of “innovation and reflection” fits perfectly, because when it comes to developing something new, be it a new course of study, a new course or an app, one should always pause and reflect – what has been learned along the way so far, whether the direction is still right and what will be relevant in the future. Innovation in teaching can be found in the content, the forms of work, the target groups, the programs, and is influenced by reflected handling of media and content, self-reflection and joint reflection in the group of learners.

Expectations and experiences in online learning is the title of the paper authored by Maja Pivec and Anika Kronberger from the Institute of Design and Communication at FH JOANNEUM. The paper will be presented at the E-Learning Day event and published under the OER license.

The paper reports on the research findings from the ongoing project NewMetro and recently finished project Lets Learn Innovative Logistics (LLiL – Striving to improve and optimise a learning platform for innovation designers and innovation executors and to adapt learning content and offered teaching format, an anonymous survey was conducted. The questionnaire on various aspects about online learning brought 192 answers from all over Europe and concluding expectations from students are tabled in this paper.  Furthermore, with the aim to identify competencies needed in the Industry 4.0 companies today and related training needs in the field of mechatronics, a second Europe-wide survey was launched. Based on these results a novel curriculum and flexible learning delivery model is currently under development.

E-Learning Day program can be downloaded here

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