Coronavirus: the concrete contribution of Mechatronics Sicilian Companies

The world is under attack by Coronavirus, and mechatronics is not watching.

A fantastic example of the contribution that mechatronics can and is giving to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is the District of Mechatronics in Sicily, which includes 110 companies in the electronics, mechanics, automation and information technology sectors located in every part of the island.

A stock of 230 thousand 80 ml bottles of hand sanitizers in two or three days, 1,000 filtering masks in TNT cotton per day to reach 10,000 per day in 48 hours; 600 3D protective covers per week to reach 1,500 pieces per week. These are the numbers of the production made by 8 of the 110 companies that have been able to immediately convert their factories to do their part in this battle.

The prototypes of the “made in Sicily” devices and the related technical datasheets have been sent to the Regional Manager of Civil Protection. The words of Antonello Mineo, president of the Mechatronics District: “We are overwhelmed with requests from private individuals, but we want to give priority to Civil Protection, to provide support to the many doctors and nurses who are engaged in a relentless fight against COVID-19 and who unfortunately don’t have the necessary quantities of safety devices.” And he adds: “In 48 hours we created a net to be immediately ready to make the prototypes and to acquire the raw material to start the first production batches. Many other companies are already calling us to join the supply chain. This operation aims at giving a concrete response to the emergency.”


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