FEDERMECCANICA, the Italian Federation of Metalworking Industries, represents and assists its associated Groups in their relations with Trade Unions and State institutions and draws up the National Collective Agreement for the category.


Furthermore Federmeccanica:

  • is occupied in the study and research of legal, technical, social and economic problems relates to employment and human resources;
  • promotes relations with associations and organizations both national and international, with the purpose of acquiring understanding and information for the implementation of its own activities;
  • encourages professional training;
  • provides information and consulting services to members in relation to problems within its area of competence;
  • develops initiatives which, by means of the publication of books, magazines, brochures, etc., informs the public, local authorities, political bodies and government about problems associated with industrial relations and at the same time conveys an image of the metalworking industry outlining its importance within the Italian economy;
  • provides training in the area of industrial relations, economic policy and economic science as well as providing advice with regards to employment through especially established bodies.

 Piazzale B. Juarez, 14 – 00144 Roma –

Tel: 06 5452581 –

email: mail.roma@federmeccanica.it 

PEC: federmeccanica@pec.federmeccanica.it

Website: https://www.federmeccanica.it/