From Puglia Mechatronics: 100 masks per minute

A mechatronics production chain started from Puglia in a full emergency during the pandemic. MBL Solutions, an Apulian excellence of mechatronics and robotics, wanted to make its contribution to the Country, with the help of robotics and automation.

MBL Solutions designed and built a Made-in-Italy robotic machine for the production of surgical and FFP2 masks, capable of producing 100 masks per minute, for a total of 144,000 per day.

All this was achieved in just three months, with the collaboration of 20 companies in the advanced mechatronics production chain. A truly virtuous example, considering that, among other things, the manufacturing sector has been among the hardest hit by the economic crisis.

The result was extraordinary and saw the construction of dozens of mask production plants.

The production chain project also involved the engineering of a “fully integrated” production line, which also included sterilization (for the certification of medical masks) and the final packaging of the masks, completely automatical and with the assistance from only one direct line operator per work shift.

Cesare De Palma, President of the Mechanical Section of Confindustria Bari-Bat, said: “The model that has been applied by MBL Solutions for the mask production systems is the only way forward: that of interaction and professional collaboration to create a fluid system and to grow our companies by responding to the multiple needs of the market, which today does not allow vertical specialization.”

Ceasre De Palma and his organization are actively contributing as very valuable Stakeholders to the NewMetro Project since its start.


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