In Molise mechatronics is used to solve the problems of the human body

The Molise health system has obtained another prestigious recognition by the Ministry of Health, which sees the IRCCS Neuromed ranked first among the Scientific Institutes of Hospitalization and Care. This result is related to the percentage of patients from other regions: more than 84% decide to use the health services of the institute of Pozzilli a small town in the Italian Molise region.

The ministerial report also highlights that this structure is gaining on the field a level of satisfaction of its users above the national average and exceeds the national average for the absolute number of published scientific papers.

The development and improvement of 3D printing techniques applied to biomedicine are also carried out in its mechanical laboratories, providing support also to external health structures that need to recreate three-dimensional models of body parts for multiple applications. A new frontier that will be increasingly important to face the ailments that afflict the nervous system and that require surgery of the highest precision.

Every part of this type of technique involves mechatronics and skills in this field will be extensively required in the near future.



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