In the age of automation, training people is essential

Invest in employees by supporting them through training and education to develop new skills for a rapidly changing world.

This is one of the points of the “new declaration of principles of the Business Roundtable”, the association of Corporate America that brings together over 180 companies, including Amazon. The latest national contract of the mechanical sector in Italy, includes the “subjective right to lifelong learning”. Employees can select up to 24 hours of training in a three-year span. This new feature paves the way also for other industrial sectors to emulate such approach.

Therefore, it is clear that in an era characterized by a robust technological revolution, only those who will be able to update their skills continually – especially in the digital field – will be able to keep up with the evolution of the market. This phenomenon, also known as the “learning revolution”, brings out the importance of the value of the person’s skills, as if they were an “intellectual currency” on which to invest to increase its value.

For this reason, training, today, is an act of social responsibility that is part of modern welfare policies.

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