Training needs analysis and future scenarios updated and contextualized at regional level

The aim of WP1 was to identify the key factors that can influence the development of a new
curriculum in mechatronics.
The project foreseen two primary activities:
• reviewing relevant surveys, articles, and projects connected with mechatronics
competences (desk analysis)
• identifying the current skills gaps in order to define the framework of competence for
the international curriculum (on field analysis)

More in details, Partners:
• Collected education/training programs related to the MECHATRONICS domain providing
by a two-page description of the main curricula identified, with teaching hours/discipline and
• Reviewed existing studies, statistics, articles covering the issue, and identifying the specific
skills and competencies requirements for the current workforce and young people to be recruited.
• Carried out a SWOT analysis of the present education/training provision concerning the
existing and emerging demand of skills and competencies.
• Performed structured interviews.