Italian Companies: upskilling, re-skilling and hiring trends

In Italy, more than half of the companies offered their employees online courses during the lockdown, with great satisfaction also for the workers who took part in it and who declared they preferred the e-learning methods to the traditional ones, for flexibility and convenience of avoiding travel.

This is what emerged from a survey carried out by Infojobs on 109 companies, mainly SMEs.

The same survey showed that workers want to focus more on upskilling, while companies would like to shift the focus of reskilling training.

Above all in Italy reskilling (i.e. investing in enhancing the potential of people to face better changing scenarios) will be a central trend in 2020, with particular attention to training in the resilience of the workforce, the ability to withstand future and partially changing scenarios unpredictable.

In a survey conducted by Deloitte, Italian companies have declared the top three of the trends for which to invest both in training and in hiring:

In the first place, the desire to learn, flexibility and curiosity: in fact, as many as 68% of Italian companies say that their talent acquisition strategy is concentrated on the selection of “great learners”.

In the second place, the sense of belonging: all companies agree that the creation of a sense of belonging, personal relationships and an organizational culture positively impacts productivity.

In the third place, dealing with the well-being of people in the company: Italian companies believe that it will be crucial to integrate well-being in the way work is designed.

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