Italian Higher Technical Institutes maintain growth in the employment rate.

On July 3rd the ITS System – Higher Technical Institutes – organized the “ITS Day”. In this virtual event, the outcome of ITS were analyzed as a post-diploma training and professionalization path. The ITS System aims to make easier the access to the world of work, thanks to the synergy between companies, stakeholders and educational institutions.

Antonietta Zancan of the Italian Ministry of Education moderated and coordinated the event. Also present were: Lucia Azzolina, Minister of  Education; Marco Bruschi, Head of the Department for the Education and Training System; Maria Assunta Palermo, General Director for MIUR School Regulations; Cristina Grieco, Coordinator IX Commission of the Conference of the Regions; Massimo Esposito, Technical Inspector General Directorate for MIUR School Regulations; Giovanni Brugnoli, Vice President of Confindustria for Human Capital; as well as numerous prominent personalities of the Italian industry.

Among the many topics addressed, data were presented to highlight how ITS maintain continuous growth in the employment rate of their graduates (83% one year after graduation). The fundamental element of the ITS world is the integration between education and work: 70% of teachers come from companies, while internships and traineeships occupy 43% of the study path; classroom lessons are held at 26% in companies’ and research laboratories or laboratories for Industry 4.0 of the ITS. New Metro has the honour of havimg amongst its Associated Partners the Italian Ministry of Education, and practically all of the topics discussed were perfectly in line with the scope of work of the project.

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