Just a click and… voilà! Your new house!

mechatronics, house, industry 4.0

3-D printing still surprises us with its applications. It seems that there is no limit for such technology and makes our impossible dreams, possible.

One of the latest constructions we can be proud of is the building of the first 3D-printed house in Germany, specifically in Beckum, North Rhine-Westphalia. The printed building is a two-store detached house with a living area of about 80 m2 per floor and is made up of triple-skin cavity walls, which are filled with an insulating compound.

mechatronics, house, construction

This printing process offers designers a high degree of freedom when they are designing buildings, leaving the great financial costs behind. During the printing process, the printer takes into account the pipes and connections for water, electricity, etc. that are to be laid later on. An amazing fact is that the printer can operate in such a way that technicians can carry out work within the printing area while printing is in progress. This means that manual work, such as the installation of empty pipes and connections, can be easily integrated into the printing process.

It is of high importance to conceive the benefits of this process. The use of sustainable materials and therefore in compliance with regulations offers a viable solution to residency issues.

Source: https://www.designboom.com/technology/peri-first-3d-printed-residential-building-germany-10-09-2020/

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