NEW METRO Kick-off Meeting

NEW METRO – embeddiNg kEts and Work based learning into MEchaTROnic profile

Project n. 600984-EPP-1-2018-1-IT-EPPKA2-SSA

Kick-off Meeting

12 February 2019


  • “Project vision on Mechatronic Skills in the I4.0 Environment and Beyond
  • Overview of the Project and presentation of the partnership
  • NEW METRO Project: tasks and expected results
  • Project Management Structure. Budgetary & Financial issues
  • Evaluation and Quality Plan: goals and tools
  • Overview of Work Packages and of Integrated Design of Joint Learning Supply (WP2)
  • Proposal “New Metro”
  • Grant Agreement
  • Erasmus+ guide
  • Evaluation report EACEA on Proposal “New Metro”
  • WP1: Participatory Review and validation of already
    available training need analysis
  • WP2: Integrated Design of Joint Learning Supply
  • WP3: Development of Competences Framework and NEW
    METRO curriculum in terms of specific learning
  • WP4: Development of Learning delivery model
  • WP5: Piloting and Validation
  • WP6: Valorisation, dissemination and exploitation
  • WP7: Project Management
  • WP8: Quality manager

European Design Workshop

Project Monitoring and Coordination meeting

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