KYTION: Precision agriculture with a robot’s help

It is an aerial system suitable for use in open and greenhouse crops.

Two graduate electrical engineers from the University of Patras, Dionysios Bitas and Nikos – Kyriakos Papastavros, wanted to provide solution to problems of agriculture, creating a robotic system of Precision agriculture, named KYTION, which means box.

KYTION is an aerial system for measuring microclimate conditions and disease prediction, suitable for use in open and greenhouse crops and is addressed to producers, agronomists and agricultural consultants, who want to improve the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the crop.

It replaces the expensive and hard to install grid sensors with a small “box”, which can manage the irrigation and the hydro-lubrication using neural networks. It offers spectroscopic disease prediction and performs useful telemetry. Among others it collects, manages and evaluates data through a graphical environment, which use does not require special technological knowledge.

The quality and quantity of production increases, while improving the income of its users, whilst the engagement time of the grower is reduced.

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