Learning from the COVID-19 crisis: teaching, learning and technology in a changing world

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Learning from the COVID-19 crisis: teaching, learning and technology in a changing world

The COVID-19 pandemic saw the widespread closure of school and campus buildings in an effort to curb the spread of the virus. More than 100 million learners, educators, education and training staff in Europe and around the world were affected. To ensure that learning, teaching and assessment could continue, digital technologies were used on a massive and unprecedented scale.

In September 2020, the European Commission intends to update its Digital Education Action Plan and work further to promote high quality and inclusive education and training in the digital age. The new Action Plan will be an important part of the Next Generation EU recovery plan, supporting Member States, education and training institutions as well as citizens in their efforts to deal with the digital change.

To ensure that the new Digital Education Action Plan draws lessons from experience during COVID-19 crisis and supports education and training through the long-term digital transformation, the Commission is launching this public consultation. 

Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, commented:
“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we witnessed the largest disruption to education and training in Europe’s recent history. 100 million students, teachers and education staff globally have been affected, and many of them have turned to digital education to continue the academic year. For many, this has been the first time they have fully used digital technologies for teaching and learning. With this public consultation, we would like to understand and learn from all these experiences. We are all part of this discussion – let us work together and ensure that the new Digital Education Action Plan paves the way for truly inclusive and high-quality digital education in Europe.”


The consultation seeks the views of respondents on the overall impact of the COVID-19-provoked disruption on education and training systems, their expectations until the end of the crisis and in the recovery period. The consultation concludes with a set of questions on respondents’ vision for digital education in Europe.

The questionnaire has become available in all official EU languages by 9 July 2020. The public consultation will be open until 4 September 2020.


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