New fire-fighting robot aims for better working environment, safer efforts

mechatronics, eqf

The Swedish Realisator Robotics, together with Scanfil and in close collaboration with the major Swedish rescue services for rescue services worldwide, has developed a fire-fighting robot Fumo.

This robot aims to improve the working environment of firefighters and ensure their safety. With multiple search and remote control support, Fumo will be a key tool in firefighting.. The fire-fighting robot consists of a ground module (the robot), a control console, and a base unit for image transfer. On the ground module, different applications can be easily mounted for different rescue operations.

Fumo can be used to put out fires, for example, in electric cars, search for people or dangerous objects in areas with very limited visibility, gas leak indication, pull fire hoses with water, and much more, all with the operator placed at a safe distance.


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