Participation and speech at the 23rd Development Forum

Professor Chrysostomos Stylios participates in the proceedings and events of the 23rd Development Forum which this year, due to travel restrictions because of the COVID-19 pandemic, takes place virtually. The Development Forum is the most important Development Multiconference in the Western Axis of our country.

Specifically, Prof. Stylios was a speaker at the thematic unit of the conference entitled “LOOPER IKE – Digital Transformation – Applications, IOT and Automation”. His speech addressed the interesting issue of digital transformation, both globally and nationally. It was ascertained that the concept of digital transformation and digital integration goes through the embracing and assimilation of Industry 4.0. Continuing, Prof. Stylios presented the contribution in this direction of the European project NEW METRO in which he participates with his research team. This project is related to the development of modern vocational training programs in the field of Mechatronics.

He concluded that Mechatronics functions as one of the key players, exponents and actors in the direction of digital transformation and the 4th Industrial Revolution, therefore the contribution of the project for new, innovative educational models that meet the modern demands of the labor market is unequivocal.


Video: Whole speech – Prof.  Chrysostomos Stylios

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