Problem solving: a key skill in Industry 4.0.

In industry 4.0, knowing how to identify an anomaly quickly is very important, because it allows to intervene promptly and, if necessary, to shut down the line, with obvious economic savings. Knowing how to do this depends on three factors: essential mechanical and electromechanical preparation; an in-depth practical experience; a systemic mentality aimed at methodically analysing phenomena and identifying the causes.

Obviously, in some cases, the intervention requires an immediate – even if temporary – solution (quick-fix), to speed up the resumption of a production process, or to limit any damage to machinery and people. This kind of interventions requires high professionalism, ability to quickly analyse the situation and resistance to stress. Experience also helps in troubleshooting because it allows to find solutions to a problem that was already experienced. Nonetheless excessive trust in experience could reduce the ability to see beyond and completely understand a phenomenon.

In general, however, continuous staff updating on how to identify and repair faults, both provisional and definitive, also through the simulation of real cases, constitute the most effective form of training.

New Metro is including in its aims not only state-of-the-art education of student of technical schools but also re-skilling and updated training of workers, together with Work-based-learning and On-the-job-training, to be carried out alternatively live and through virtual mobility.



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