Supermodels robots in a fashion show

mechatronics, fashion

A new era for the fashion industry was inaugurated after the collaboration of Dolce&Gabbana and Genoa’s IIT (Italian Institute of Technology). For the first time, artificial intelligence robots participated in a fashion show. The researchers from IIT “lent” the designers three iCubs (a humanoid robot built by the IIT, 104 cm tall and weighing 22 kg) and another android with artificial intelligence. The robots, side by side to real-life models, took the catwalk to present the Dolce&Gabbana clothes collection. It was an amazing and unique fashion show, where robots and humans walked alongside. The result was a real mix of creativity and innovation that came after the collaboration of the fashion industry with the tech sector.

The fashion designers Stefano Dolce and Domenica Gabbana explained how this idea came to them. “We all wonder what this pandemic has taught us. Maybe it’s too early to understand. We can say what we did. Not being able to travel or meet people and clients, we saw the world through social networks and thought of the next chapter for our fashion. Given the digital hangover of these months, it could only be a chapter steeped in technology. We love it, and we use it, but we are not experts, so we contacted the IIT in Genoa. Research, especially medical research, projects us into the future and moves the boundaries of our knowledge a little further. We are convinced that fashion must and can read the world, always creating clothes and accessories that are beautiful to look at and as pleasant to wear as possible. That’s why it was extremely useful and fun too”.


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