Technical Progress Meeting

The New Metro technical progress meeting was held on the 26th of July, 2021, via the GoToMeeting web platform.

The meeting was inaugurated by Leonardo Quattrocchi with a warm welcome. Later on, the partners proceeded to the core discussion. The subjects that were being discussed during the meeting are summarized as follows:

  • Regarding the Intellectual Output 5:
    • a description of each of the 2 Pilot sites for each of the five countries involved in the experimentation,
    • the status of development of respective learning material,
    • the IO5 questionnaire replies.
  • The current status of the project and the possibility for asking request for an extension.
  • Regarding the Intelligent Output 4:
    • a delivery plan for missing learning material and training uploading on the NEW METRO platform.
  • Regarding the general quality issues:
    • criteria for the NEW METRO Sustainability and Exploitation Plan.
  • Dissemination issues.
  • Arrangement of the Next Transnational Project Meeting on November 2021.

The meeting concluded with mutual wishes for happy summer holidays.

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