Telekinesis, our childhood’s dream, becomes a reality

Telekinesis, dream, mechatronics

It’s not an exaggeration to claim that everyone during his/her childhood has fantasized about having the ability to move objects with his/her mind. For the sake of truth, many movies and tv-series integrated the property of telekinesis in their scenarios and they ultimately met with great success. For instance, the blockbuster movie “Matrix”, the sweetie Matilda and more recently “Eleven” from the popular tv-series “Stranger Things”. Maybe such an exceptionality not only appeals to us due to its unnaturality, but also it may reflect our innermost desire to have superpowers.

In any case, such an ability came true! Japanese researchers developed a mind-controlled robot named Gundam. The team has also built a wearable headband device that syncs the brain activity with the software and eventually controls the robot’s movement. This device bears sensors that can detect three different levels of brain activity which actually triggers a specific movement of the robot. This research is still

Are we on the verge of acquiring supernatural powers and control objects around us? Future will answer…

mechatronics, Telekinesis

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