The importance of ITSs: in Lanciano entry into factories is anticipated by two years.

Thanks to an agreement with Adecco, the ITS Sistema Meccanica of Lanciano guarantees its students an entry into Companies requiring Industry 4.0 smart maintenance technicians. And this will happen two years earlier than usual.

Twenty-six students have signed a high-level apprenticeship contract in various companies in the area, in sectors such as personal care and hygiene, food and automotive.

The ITS Sistema Meccanica of Lanciano, which boasts collaborations with the most prestigious companies in the Abruzzo region, is training 130 technicians, for smart factories maintenance.

“It is a significant number for our territory”, comments Antonio Maffei, director of the ITS Mechanical System Foundation of Lanciano. «Local companies, which have a high degree of automation and digitalization, look for maintainers who can manage and maintain the machines. We also received a request from a wine cellar that, due to the automatic bottling plant, had to call 4.0 maintainers from other regions, with very high additional costs. They then preferred to train internally, through the skills and added value of our ITS, his maintainer”.

The added value of ITSs

Every year, mechatronic ITSs form many operators with a high technical capability, with skills increasingly required by the labor market thanks to the innovative training model which includes in-class training and on the job practice. The result of this training model, a mix of public and private and an alternative to University, reaches a very high level of employment: 92% of the top ITS mechatronic technicians find a job immediately.

While being trained, the future skilled technician already has an employment contract, allowing the company to get to know him even more closely. “This solution brings several advantages: we ITSs become more attractive to students, giving them a paid contract while they are trained. At the same time, we contribute to the dissemination of high education apprenticeships which is still little used in Italy. It is one of the best ways to shorten the distances between training and enterprise”, comments Maffei.

Also, Adecco has intercepted young people, oriented them and carried out the entire selection process, as well as contacting and involving companies from the Abruzzo region. “We are particularly proud of this project,” commented Raffaella Febbo, Head of Operation, South Central Adecco Italy. “Allowing young people to access training courses such as the high-level dual apprenticeship means enabling them to obtain a better channel for entry into the world of work. Initiatives like this also allow us to work positively to try to face youth unemployment since they represent an excellent opportunity to reduce the dystonia between demand and supply of labor and skills “.

Finally, another added value offered to companies by ITSs is the training on soft skills, generally neglected by companies, such as team working, project management, problem-solving, English language. These skills are increasingly required even to 4.0 technicians, and not only to managers.

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