The importance of training by Universal Robots

For Universal Robots, a Danish company specializing in automation and production of cobots, training has particular importance. 

For this reason, in 2017 it created its Academy, with which it provides courses that have trained more than 100,000 users over the last three years.

The online modules – which form the basis of training in the use of UR cobots – are nine and available in 16 different languages. All modules are completely free. The leftover courses (not free), on the other hand, are held at the 51 official training centres around the world. Universal Robots’ content program is also full of webinars delivered monthly.

At this address it is possible to consult the calendar of classroom courses: 

The NewMetro project as well is encompassing the ideation and generation of a series of multi-modal training modules, to be tested and validated in five Countries and then made available to EU educational institution and students.


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