Precision tattooing by a 5G-connected robot needles

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The world’s first-ever remote tattoo has become a reality by a 5G-connected robot bearing needles.

The telecommunication company T-Mobile Netherlands creatively worked together with the tattoo artist Wes Thomas in order to display to the public the speed, reliability, and low latency of its new 5G network. As a result, the fruit of this cooperation is the designing and implementation of “The Impossible Tattoo” which is the world’s first-ever remote tattoo.

The whole concept can be described as follows. The tattoo artist controlled a robot arm from a distance in real-time, making use of the advantages of the 5G network of T-Mobile Netherlands. In addition, machine learning technology is integrated into the robotic arm to learn the precise placement of the arm and map the placement onto the customer’s body. The whole demonstration took place with the assistance and collaboration of the Dutch actress and TV personality, Stijn Fransen. Wes Thomas drew the design on a mannequin arm, whereas the robot copied his every move with a needle on Fransen’s arm.

By utilizing the benefits of the 5G network, the work can be completed with no delay and with millimeter accuracy from a distance, a really interesting aspect in the era of COVID-19 restrictions. Undoubtedly, the implementation of the T-Mobile project could not become a reality with the 4G and 3G networks. The processing of large amounts of data and latency-free data transmission can only be achieved with 5G technology.

It’s astonishing to meet new imaginative applications of technology in everyday life…

Watch the video of “The impossible tattoo” in action.

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